January 15, 2014

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

You never realize how strong your pinky is until you attempt to carry all 17 grocery bags inside at the same time.

Today my faux fur vest got caught in the zipper of my down jacket ‪#‎polarvortexproblems‬

Below-32-degree weather gives a whole new meaning to "Don't leave the house with wet hair."

Housekeeping just aggressively knocked on my door at 9 am. Isn't this Vegas?

When someone says, 'We should get together,' I always say, 'Sure. I'll call you.' It's a lie for a lie.

I'm about to spend 16 hours in a car with Roland helping him move. So if you see us on the news, you'll know what happened...

bitch stole my look!

If you are of the adult variety and cannot sufficiently park your automobile in between two clearly marked white lines, so much so that one is forced to climb through the passenger side, I cannot respect you. And we most certainly cannot be friends.‪#‎dailyrant‬

Another first: About to do a conference call from an airport terminal. I am the princess of multi-tasking.

The most humble man in china is trying to buy the NY Times.

The most humble man in china is trying to buy the NY Times.