March 18, 2014

5 must-use resources when planning a trip

Planning a vacation or a quick weekend getaway isn't as easy as it should be. It takes time, dedication, patience and sometimes, deep pockets. For as hard as you work, you should be able to book your family trip with little-to-no hassle. I mean, who wants planning something fun to feel like a job?

Here's a list of five fun sites (and apps) that make it all better for you. Say bye to kingpins like Travelocity and Expedia, and hello to the new kids on the block.

Triptuner (
This website finds your future destination of choice based on your tastes and preferences. Using its adjuster panels, users can select the balance of what type of vacation they are looking for, from relaxing/active, adults/kid-friendly, bikini/parka, beach/mountain, urban and lively/remote and quite, and high-end/thrifty.

RouteHappy (
This website allows for users to search for the “happiest” flight accommodations for them. After typing in travel dates and the destination, this website informs users of the airline and route that will make the travelers the “happiest.” Happy factors include flights that have larger seats, nicer planes, certain accommodations, entertainment and more.

Acting as the “stub-hub” for the hotel industry, Roomer allows travelers who are unable to use their hotel room, to list it on the website at a discounted price, giving travelers who are looking for a last minute deal, the opportunity to purchase the room.

Flights With Friends (
This website focuses on group travel, and makes it easier for flights and hotels for large groups (friends/family) to book their trip together by listing all travel options onto one page for all involved in the arrangement to see (this includes all flight hotel accommodation, car rental options, etc).

TripIt (
This app is perfect for those travelers who want to organize their travel plans and itinerary into one place. Users can upload flight and hotel confirmations and store them into the app, as well as sync their own Google and iCould calendars.