April 2, 2014

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

Dan Dunn Do you know what's funny about most April Fools jokes? Yea, me neither.

Hollie McKay Attacked by poison oak. What a lazy excuse for a plant. In the meantime, someone, anyone put me in on a 5150.

Judah Friedlander "Dyslexic" should be easier to spell.

Laura Leu Worst fear: my water breaking at work today and nobody believing me.‪#‎AprilFoolsDay‬

Jesse Brukman Everyone have a happy and safe I Sincerely Regret Ever Trusting You Day

Aly Walansky My version of packing: Unpack from LA into washing machine. Dry. Remove. Throw in suitcase. Add a sweater. Packed for Memphis

Meagan Murphy I'm so glad none of y'all air your dirty laundry on the Internet. Oh, wait...

Louise O'Brien While I was in London someone installed a cupcake ATM in New York City. It's like the city was calling me back home.

Sam Jones Sometimes at meetings I like to play a game with myself called 'Guess which meds they're on.'

Jesse Brukman Let's name our sandwich chain after the dirtiest thing in new york city. Eat Fresh®

Rick Dobbs "And, lo, the sickness descended upon him like a thief in the night forcing him to remain in bed and demand only sizzling rice soup and In-N-Out burger." - 1 Hesitations 4:20