June 20, 2014

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

You people made me laugh:

Surprise Boilermaker: When you realize you can't possibly drink another shot so you pour it in to one of your friend's beer.

If you can't spell it, you can't be it. I'm talking to all you "greatfull" people out there.

Holding all of my meetings from the bathroom today. ‪#‎tacobell‬

It's becoming increasingly difficult for me to NOT send a gif with every email reply.

You can't be good at improv if you don't eat carbs. They've done studies.

Selfie... Because it's important to realize that it's not the photographer who is making you look ugly

I just watched a news segment about leaving a baby/child in a hot car. They give a tip that you should put your cell phone in the back seat next to the child so as you go for your cell phone you will have a reminder about the child. Are we really at this point in our society?!?

Ladies of Las Vegas, this is a public service announcement: Sequins? Stop it. Just stop it.

me: Im on a diet.
food: Lol, no don't do it

The Fault In Our Stars, imma let you finish, but Walk To Remember is the greatest teen cancer love story of all time.

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you're welcome.