August 18, 2014

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

Your Facebook Status Updates made me laugh:

Currently one of those people working on their laptop at Starbucks because the cleaning people are at our apartment and I have social anxiety with people who have heavy accents. Also, the girl next to me is so loud I can hear her through my headphones. K? ‪#‎alarmageddon‬

was about to post a status about eating Vietnamese for lunch and not spilling sriracha on his shirt. Now it's just a status about eating Vietnamese for lunch.

I will give any amount of $ to ALS to see no more videos of people hopping in buckets of ice on Facebook.

The people behind the Activia Challenge must be really jealous of the ALS campaign.

Fact: It's not 'a walk of shame' if you leave on roller skates.

You know you've hit rock bottom when you eat a brownie for breakfast.‪#‎DietStartsTomorrow‬

Million dollar idea: a vegan protein powder called, 'No Whey, Bro!'

Monday and i'm out here like